Fundraising for Historic Preservation

by Susan Snider on September 2, 2014

bigstock-Pavillion-Building-MontpelierRestoring historic buildings is a major undertaking and a major component of the project is raising the funds, whether through grants or donations.

When fundraising for historic preservation there needs to be an overriding reason to restore the building than just to save the building.

Funders and donors want to know what is the community need you want to address, how will this project address that need and what will it cost.


The Benefits of a Good Grant Writer

by Susan Snider on August 28, 2014

bigstock-fundingImagine for a moment that an angel investor comes to you and says, “I will give you $10,000 if you can explain to me in 500 words or less how you intend to distribute your product or service to an underserved customer base.”

You think, “Hey that’s easy, I can do that.” But can you do it in 500 words or less and make it engaging and exciting?

That is where the skill of grant writer comes in. A good grant writer can write concise, compelling and competitive grant proposals within the constraints of the application. 


Grant Proposal Templates

August 26, 2014

Does the grants management process seem overwhelming to you? Here is one tip to help streamline the process. Take the time to write a proforma grant proposal. Include all the components: Executive Summary, Statement of Need, Projects/Program Description, Budget, Organization Information and Conclusion. Now you’ll have a template from which to work when applying for […]

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The Grant Writer as a Grants Manager

August 21, 2014

We often hear the term grant writer when referring to someone who researches, writes and manages grants. People easily identify with this term and believe they understand the scope of a “grant writers” work. In fact, the work of a grant writer is more accurately described as a grants manager. There are a variety of […]

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Grants Managers as Strategic Development officers in your organization

August 19, 2014

Think about a grants manager as the Strategic Development officer in your company. Whose job is to identify investors and present an attractive ROI with the goal that they will invest in your organization. The Strategic Development officer is also a project manager because in order to put together a compelling investor presentation there needs […]

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What is Grants Management?

August 16, 2014

Grants management encompasses a broad range of activities. The various phases include researching and identifying grant opportunities, pulling together and managing a team, crunching the numbers and collecting data, writing the grant proposal and managing and administrating the grant award. Successful grants management is about solid project management and good planning.  

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Non-Profits: Know Your Project Before Creating Your Grant Proposal

May 9, 2014

It’s time to draft your grant proposal. As you begin to pull together the information needed to create your proposal, don’t confuse tools with goals. Ask the following: What is the goal? What is our objective? What will this project impact? Is our project realistic? Why is it important? What does it matter? What will […]

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Does Your Non-Profit Organization Have Mission Creep?

May 2, 2014

We see it all the time in many organizations. Mission creep takes a group away from the original goals and objectives through expansion. Having a clear mission statement may not be enough to keep your non-profit on target. Sometimes, an organization can be so focused on finding funding that they can lose sight of their […]

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Grant Writers Have a New Role: Grant Seekers

April 25, 2014

A grant seeking program is paramount in securing the funding for an organization to thrive. Just like in the commercial world, resource diversification is extremely important. A grant writer is a partner in the organization, interprets purpose and value, and articulates the vision. But to find success, a grant writer really does so much more. […]

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Do You Know the Giving Trends for Non-Profits?

April 18, 2014

Domestic foundation giving has continued to grow at a fairly moderate rate in the past year. Based on Key Facts from US Foundations, we may not see boom years like back in the late 90’s and early 2000s, but we will see stable support for programs and ideas that influence and improve lives.  Forty-five percent […]

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